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Top 10 ideas from Fashion and Beauty over the last 12 months

 We’ve picked out our top ten Fashion & Beauty articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.


Party Makeup and Style Ideas

The holidays are for kicking your look into high gear. Think stunning little red dress , decadent jewels and sexy hair. Create a glamorous you with these party style tips (holiday 2009) or try on party makeup and hairstyles in our virtual styling studio.

Perfect red lips. If you’re not ready to commit to full-on red lipstick , try cherry-tinted gloss for a more subtle party look.

Sexy party hair. The low ponytail is one sexy party hairstyle that’s no-fail. Create a center part, then take a large barrel curling iron to your ends. Gather the hair on one side of the head at the nape of the neck secure with a decadent accessory.

Eye-catching jewelry. A bold cuff bracelet paired with an Opera length necklace (30” or more) will really jazz up a little black dress without overpowering it.

Smoky eyes. Smoky purple eyes have more of an edge than black. Blend a deep plum into the crease and light lilac on
Smoky eyes. Smoky purple eyes have more of an edge than black. Blend a deep plum into the crease and light lilac on the lid and rim the lashes with black eye shadow applied with a wet eyeliner brush.

Sexy nude lips. If you’re wearing a red dress , opt for nude lipstick, which imparts a dressy and fashion-forward look. When your party dress is bright and punchy, keep your heels and clutch neutral too. Nude, silver and gold go with almost anything year-round.

Decadent accessories. A sparkling vintage brooch, attached to a scarf worn around your waist, or a strappy pair of red-hot heels, amp up the “wow” factor for any outfit.

Camera-ready stance. Master one signature pose that you'll use in photos, bearing in mind that Kim Kardashian already has dibs on the coyly-looking-over-one-shoulder-with-booty-out stance.

Gorgeous skin. Mix equal parts foundation and liquid highlighter for a perfect-looking canvas. This trick reflects light and makes skin imperfections less noticeable. --Stephanie Simons

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Beauty Tips - Fashion Tips For Looking Younger

When you're younger, it's easy to look at "old lady" clothes and exclaim that you'll never wear them, but in order to age gracefully, you should change your style somewhat as you age.

In other words, while it's OK to reject the idea that you should dress like an older person (no matter how old you are), not changing your style can do more than you might think to draw attention to your age.

Let's look at some good tips for looking younger through your fashion choices.

Change it up

First, many women fall into the common trap of sticking with a style that was once flattering long after it is flattering. For example, you might have found a style that worked beautifully for you when you were in your 20s.

The trouble with sticking with that style is two-fold - first, it's likely out of style by the time you hit your 40s and it might simply be "too young" for you which will draw attention to your current age, which is completely contrary to what you're trying to do.

Pay attention to season

To look young and stylish, it's important to change your wardrobe with each season. That means paying attention to what's in style, what's new for each season and making appropriate changes.

In fact, think about making just one small change each season. Perhaps you like those clothes from your 20s and think they are perfectly in style for today's times. But if you add a large scarf in the color of the season, or a fashionable new bag, you can be sure that your style is current and young.

Be appropriate

Dressing to look younger doesn't mean wearing tummy-bearing tops and heels that are just too high. That only draws attention to the fact that you are not in your 20s anymore.

Instead, look at the best dressed young women you know. Pay attention to how they dress. It's likely that if they are nicely dressed young women, you can get some clues from them. Maybe it's a graphic T shirt that's got a little more youth to it than your plain T. Maybe it's jeans with some design on them. Both of these can add a youthful spirit to your look without looking inappropriate.

When in doubt, go traditional

Now, by traditional we don't mean Chanel and polyester suits all the time. Not at all. In fact, that kind of dressing can make you look older (especially if you have also not updated your hair or makeup).

By traditional, we mean stick with the basics. If the thought of injecting too much youth into your wardrobe seems overwhelming, then don't.

Instead, stock your closet with basics built around particular colors. If you love to wear black, focus on purchasing basics in black and white perhaps with red also thrown in for good measure.

Each season, add that trendy item we talked about (the bag that's stylish right now, the large scarf, the patent belt) and you will immediately look not only pulled together, but in style as well. And that goes a long way toward making you look younger.

Hopefully you have gleaned some good ideas for keeping your style, current and young.

Beauty Tips For Women of All Ages

No matter if you are a teenager, young adult, baby boomer, or a more mature woman, some beauty and fashion tips never change. You can keep yourself looking and feeling great with only a little bit of time and a small amount of effort.
Even if you aren't accustomed to wearing makeup, some products are so simple to use that it should only take you a few moments to try them out and decide if you like them. Try these beauty tips for women of all ages for a lovely look that is fast, fabulous, and easy to achieve.

1. Use lip gloss or ChapStick to keep your lips soft, moist, and kissable. Use a product with sunscreen (like Softlips or Blistex) to prevent getting sunburn on your lips (a truly awful experience if you've never had it).

2. If you want only a basic, natural look using minimal makeup, go with mascara, neutral colored eye shadow, and lip gloss or lip tint. This is a great everyday look for women who only have a few moments to get ready for the day.

3. To make your eyes "pop," apply dark colored eyeliner, such as brown or black, to both your upper and lower lash line. This look works well with mascara and eye shadow, and especially a smoky eye look. Please note - dark eyeliner can make you look older, so keep this in mind based on the look you are trying to achieve.

4. Protect your skin with a tinted moisturizer containing SPF 15 or greater (like Murad). You can still blend in the imperfections in your skin tone while protecting yourself from the UV rays. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to the rest of your exposed skin if you are planning to be out in the sun.

5. Wear a hat on exceptionally hot days or as a fun fashion statement. If you've ever gotten sunburn on your scalp, you'll quickly accept the benefit of wearing a hat to protect the top of your head and your face. Some hats even offer built-in UV protection (like Wallaroo).

Depending on your own personal preferences, you can enhance your look with other classic beauty moves, such as using colored eyeliner, experimenting with foundation and bronzer, or even applying false eyelashes for special events. Mascara and lip gloss are two basic beauty elements that work for any woman, but the more interested you become in makeup, the more you can enjoy the wide and wonderful world of cosmetics and beauty goodies.

5 Important Points About Beauty and Fashion

We often think of the wisdom that experience brings us. Here is what I have learned about beauty and fashion that I wish I had known sooner.

(1) That "beautiful" is not a synonym for "sexy" and that it was possible to be thought beautiful, even in a hip nightclub, without the big reveal.

The truth, that I doubt I was even aware of then, was that it was my heart I wanted people to see.

"Your greatest beauty is in your smile and your eyes. Your smile radiates what is in your heart - your personality and who you truly are. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and they shine forth your light and beauty from within." - Carol Tuttle, Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile

(2) That black does not look good on everyone and that if I insisted on a mostly black wardrobe, I would actually be hiding my beauty, not expressing it. You know how the story goes: it's slimming, we all need a little black dress and it hides a multitude of sins.

Unfortunately, that's not true for everyone. Only a small number of women can wear black well!

(3) That soft, muted colors do not make me look mousy and powerless. Red might be a power color for some women, but the bright, vivid red I hid behind was not a power color for me. It wore me and got lots of compliments, but the real me was not noticed peeking out from behind it.

For my energy type, softer colors are the ones that empower me and express who I really am.

(4) That the power suit, with structured lines and shoulder pads and tapered skirts starched and ironed before I headed out the door each morning to work were not powerful for me. That based on my energy type, my best suit would have been a swing jacket and flowing knit skirt, instead.

(5) That I really was beautiful. That the whole time I knocked myself out reading fashion magazines and following the advice as closely as possible, learning everything I could about how to become beautiful, was unnecessary.

All I really needed to do was find out what my unique beauty type was and dress my truth to honor it.

Now, a couple of decades later, I know my energy and beauty type and I know I am beautiful. I love the way I look in the mirror and when I step into my closet each day, my choices are between one wonderful and beloved outfit or another.

Some Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women

Women are always sensitive about how others view them. If you are a woman, I am sure you are going to agree with me. That is why I have decided to write this article to help you out. I hope that you will learn some useful beauty and fashion tips from this article.

Tip 1: Your Friends Know You Best

Obviously, when it comes to fashion, you do not want to go to the wrong person for advice. If Peter is someone who dresses sloppily all the time, it is probably not a good idea to take his advice seriously.

When it comes to fashion advice, you want to look for someone who practices what he or she preaches. So you want to look for friends who are dressing decently.

Your friends have known you for a long time. They will be able to give you some really good advice. All you have to do is to ask and I am pretty sure they will be very keen to share their wisdom with you.

Tip 2: Wear Mini Skirt If You Have Great Legs

If you have the assets, don't be afraid to flaunt it. If you don't do it while you are still young, you will no longer have the chance when you grow old.

For example, if you have a pair of long and smooth legs, don't be afraid to wear mini skirt. Some men love legs. If your boyfriend or husband happens to be a 'leg' person, why not wear mini skirt to seduce him. He will probably become very sweet to you. This may also be a great way to spice up your sex life.

Tip 3: Health Is Important

No matter how beautiful you want to look, health should never be compromised.

For example, it is probably not a good idea to do a breast implant as you never know whether it will lead to any side effects in the future. It is probably better to wear a push up bra if you want to 'enhance' your assets when you are meeting a guy you like.

Of course, the choice is yours. However, you should be aware of the fact that 'big' does not necessary means 'good'. You may be surprised that many men actually love small and natural.

Tip 4: Simple Is Good

Fashion is just fashion! Fashion is not your life. You don't have to follow fashion all the time and get yourself stressed up. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

For example, if you are cooking with your boyfriend, there is no point wearing the most expensive dress and putting on makeup. You will do better just by wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans.

If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will find you beautiful no matter what you wear.

I hope you have learned at least one thing from this article. Being beautiful and fashionable is not really that difficult as long as you are willing to put in a little bit of effort.

Beauty and Fashion After 50 - You Can Look Fabulous!

As you get older, are you just a little nervous about making more style and beauty mistakes? I have some ideas to help you become more comfortable with your style choices, and look better day-to-day:

· Go to a mall. Sit with a foo-foo coffee or a smoothie; watch and notice fashion combinations that you like. Bring a notebook, and write them down! Then imitate those in a way that is YOU.
· Ask a friend and/or a family member that has good taste to go shopping with you. Tell them to be completely honest. They don't have to be mean when they tell you, but they do need to be clear when something isn't right. They could say something like, "it is not the most flattering look for you", or "it makes you look outdated".
· One word - UNDERGARMENTS. Sexy is great, and you should always feel sexy. Comfortable is key as well. However, if something is fitted, you MUST wear the proper undergarments that smooth you out. SPANX, or something similar, are a girl's best friend. A proper fitting bra, truly, is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give. I wore the wrong size for 35 years. What a difference when I finally got sized!!
· Look closely in the mirror. Don't be obsessive, but be honest. If it is something that you can fix with a little extra beauty time, work on it. I love beauty nights. I lock the door, get out all my beauty products, and make it an evening. I put deep conditioner in my hair, and pull it up in a ponytail. I scrub my face and put on a facemask. I do an at-home pedicure. I dry brush my body, then moisturize head-to-toe. The last thing is a manicure. Then, I pour myself a glass of wine, and watch a Lifetime movie. Bliss, seriously. And, my skin, hair and body are so happy for it!
· On a daily basis, do NOT ignore your skin below the chin. Many women do skincare and sunscreen on the face, and then stop. Make SURE you go all the way down the décolletage as well. It does NOT look good to have a wrinkly, freckly neck and chest.
· If your legs are starting to get more and more freckles and varicose veins, use sunless tanning lotion. It does a great job of covering imperfections.
· If you have decided to go for laser treatments or Botox, check out the facility thoroughly. Though these procedures are done often, they are not to be taken lightly. They can do damage.

The last bit of advice I have for you is the most important. Have an air of confidence (not conceit - confidence). It the best beauty tip of all. A woman with confidence radiates. Women and men want to be around them. If you really don't "own" that confidence yet, fake it til you feel it. It will come. Being over fifty is a great thing. You have so many experiences behind you, and so much ahead of you. Enjoy it!

Physical Beauty or Glamour: Style, Style as well as Elegance?

Elegance, it is usually said, is within the eye from the beholder. Although everyone has his / her definition associated with what beauty is really, in general it's considered as all of the pleasing as well as favorable bodily characteristics that may be seen within an individual. You may be ugly to 1 person as well as beautiful to another; in any kind of case, we determine physical elegance by the way you see this. And because always, beauty often results in attraction also it greatly helps within the development associated with relationships each romantic as well as otherwise.

Nevertheless, for people who think or even consider themselves to become lacking within physical elegance, it usually results in deficiencies in self-esteem as well as sense associated with style. Due to this seeming insufficiency, they frequently lack glamour plus they usually lag behind popular trends. But bodily beauty could be enhanced through fashion as well as style, and individuals who consider themselves to become ugly may assume sort of glamour that may be had through not subsequent them.

Generally, it requires a high degree of self-confidence for any person to create his / her opinion regarding physical elegance. There are people who believe which beauty is actually beauty and there isn't any other replacement for it, others might see beauty within an ugly person simply because they see characteristics which are unique or even special for the reason that person. Fashion as well as style on their own shouldn't be means for an end, rather, they could be dispensed of and you will still end up being beautiful the same.

Also, you'll be able to be beautiful no matter deficiencies in glamour, style, and design. Prevailing myths and biases in spite of, an unsightly person ought to believe that she or he is stunning in his / her own unique way. Beauty shouldn't be defined through these 3 attributes; rather, they ought to be integral to the way the person sights himself or even herself.

Because stated over, you could be ugly but still end up being beautiful in your special method. Ugliness lends to some sense associated with uniqueness as well as charm that may only come when it's viewed inside a positive method. You could be fat and due to this, you see you to ultimately be without glamour as well as style simply because elegant as well as stylish persons are usually seen because fashionably slim. But that doesn't mean that you simply cannot enjoy the most recent fashion developments and emerge to be fashionably body fat. You might have bulging eye, a comely encounter, and the generally comfortable aura, but for those who have a enjoyable personality as well as enough self-confidence, you're still in a position to make buddies and companions. It just about all boils right down to how a person view yourself; you may establish your personal sense associated with style as well as assume a particular level associated with fashion that will help go through.

Whatever others say, you tend to be who you're and which alone should replace with all of the physical weak points. You and also you alone must understand that glamour, style, and style aren't necessarily needed should you see yourself as stunning.

Fashionable and Beautiful: Trump Greeting card or Crazy Card?

The idea of beauty is actually introduced early inside a woman's existence by claims heard within childhood. If she's a good-looking mom, she may hear this exclaimed, "She is really as beautiful because her mom! “or even whispered along with some head-shaking as though it were the finish of the planet, "Oh, she didn't get the woman's mother's appears. " If she's a minimum of one other sibling, she will without doubt get comments like "That's the next heartbreaker" or even the kindly-intentioned remark "This may be the smart one" which means not fairly like the woman's sister. Your woman hears this kind of remarks frequently from loved ones, neighbors, instructors and basic strangers, and your woman then starts to position herself from this apparently appealing standard known as beauty.

This self-ranking continuously changes because she matures and probably the most dramatic effect comes throughout the turbulent adolescent years whenever her expert group's viewpoint is law and also the tide-turning rating originates from that fascinating and shocking specie, kids. If your woman happens to possess been well-endowed through the beauty gods, she'd be well-liked but privately or freely disliked through both genders and may experience the actual don't-hate-me-cause-I'm-beautiful affliction. She might be the surface of the class or perhaps a winning athlete but nonetheless be unseen elsewhere within school. Life becomes a Microsoft. Universe competitors where many people are either assess or competitor, sometimes each; and the actual few who're neither, are strongly pushing ideas how to earn the overhead. Or your woman could join an increasing minority associated with bold rebels that boycott your competition and visit great lengths to appear defiantly un-beautiful. Things pass away down a little at university and through the time your woman starts operating, she pretty much understands as well as recognizes the woman's beauty property and defects... and after that comes the actual explosive breakthrough of something which could really create property and include flaws. Welcome the planet of style!

Suddenly, there's much more "titles" to aim for in the actual Ms. Universe-of-Life besides beautiful. Right now there's fashionable, stylish, über awesome, and the actual coveted fashionable. Using the right mixture of outfit, make-up, totes, shoes, as well as accessories, it's possible to achieve as well as outrank elegance. Hurray! Along with fashion, most people are a elegance contest champion. End associated with competition and begin of globe peace, correct? Not very! Fashion offers seemingly evened-out the actual playing field however in broadening the actual criteria with regard to beauty, it triggered a frenzied dependence (addiction seems the greater word) with regard to more stuff to purchase. Soon following she will get her on the job them, their life-span expires because they move from style and be soooo-last period.

Beauty as well as fashion perform have their own rightful location as characteristics to desire for. I obtain as excited since the next woman over footwear and bags and can openly perform an appreciative double-take whenever a good-looking, well-dressed lady enters the restaurant particularly when she is by using the greatest fashion item, a good looking man.

What I actually do question is the reason why we women have purchased into the actual "Ms. Universe-of-Life-franchise" as well as why we now have accepted everybody else as assess. I perform understand the need to look great but now I've learned in order to value a lot more, feeling good about how exactly I appear. That is really a lesson upon neither elegance nor style but upon acceptance. That too could be learned earlier by the daughters as well as nieces. Hopefully they'll skip the actual elimination rounds in a Ms. -Universe-of-Life competition and take straight to the Corridor of Popularity where elegance.

Beauty and Fashion Tips With regard to Plus Size Women

No matter if you tend to be skinny as well as tall, brief, or if you're a in addition sized lady - you are able to look extremely beautiful as well as really change some mind, if you merely had several tools as well as tips to utilize! Celebs such as Delta Burke possess clearly proven us which even in addition sized women could be beautiful as well as stylish. The secret is within knowing exactly what clothes in order to wear, exactly what colors in order to choose through, and exactly what accessories in order to wear. Whenever choosing your own wardrobe, the entire cliché regarding "black addressing up fat" isn't just true.

Should you look great in darkish colors, amazing? Don't pay attention to me! Nevertheless, choosing exactly the same colors with regard to jackets as well as pants which are the exact same hue can also be a great idea too because you are not sectioning away areas. It's just about all ONE area making you appear sinner. You may also wear blouses inside a contrasting color too if you required to add the flair associated with drama towards the outfit. Whenever choosing colors and design think up and down not horizontally. Bold control keys down the actual jacket or even shirt, an extended necklace, vertical lines - they are all methods to think vertical plus they can assist tremendously! You'll want to wear colors that you simply feel great in.

Can't stand red? Don't put it on! Love azure? Slap this on or even add accents like a shirt, or perhaps a necklace or perhaps a scarf. You are able to always connect in colors; you do not necessarily need to have "loud" colors on to be able to look much better. In truth, I prefer to not wear noisy colors. I avoid pink, oranges as well as yellows by any means! There is something that many plus size women perform - they do not wear the best sizes. If you are a eighteen do not try fitting right into a sixteen! All of this ends upward doing is actually accentuating individual’s areas where you do not want this to highlight!

For instance, if you do not like the sofa, and you purchase a truly tight set of jeans, chances are the sofa will look bigger, so if this really is something you need to avoid, after that don't put on tight denim jeans! Same complements shirts or even dresses too! If you're out buying someplace and also you aren't sure in regards to a specific dimension or ensemble or bit of clothing -- ask the actual sales woman. These ladies are most likely willing to provide their guidance about any kind of fashion tips you'll need. Been presently there done which myself! You might take a buddy together with you as well if you're too ashamed to request a sales representative to provide you with advice.

Most friends is going to be brutally honest about how exactly you appear, some aren't. If you've got a variety associated with friends select the honest 1! Also, if you want wearing jewellery, try to follow along with the "wear the best size" cliché over. Don't put on tiny small earrings or even necklaces. Try wearing such things as chunky anklet bracelets like bracelets, or lengthy flowing bracelets! So the thing is just since you are an advantage sized lady doesn't mean you need to feel ashamed or "out associated with place". In my opinion that just about all women tend to be equally attractive within their own methods.

And many people are likely to look after dark outside, and find out the within. This is actually what I attempt to remind personally when I'm using a bad locks day or even something from the likes. When they don't appear inside as well as all they worry about is your own looks? It's not really a person you may wish to have that you experienced anyway. YOU tend to be beautiful just how you are and do not let anyone let you know otherwise!